Telling your story and building your brand.
We explain the complex, add sparkle to the
ordinary and always bring a response. Award
winning films and photography for your
business and events.

We communicate!

Winner of 8 IOV Awards
Institute of Videography

Areas we work in

  • school
    Connecting your world and your message to the people who need to hear it! We make engaging films for the corporate and technology markets, B2B or B2C.
    Corporate Stories
  • technology-icon
    Client success stories bring results - and we are experts. When someone explains how their business challenge was solved it is a powerful sales message to their peers. Leverage your wins.
    Customer Testimonials
  • charity
    Events and Tech
    We manage multi-cameras events and livestreams - and also make the product videos shown on the big screens and websites. End-to end digital asset creation and management.
    Technology, Training and Events
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Video Production Services

  • Filming

    With hundreds of hours of experience in live events, broadcast TV, short films and corporates, the Boreham Media team have a history of successful productions around the world. Broadcast and cinematic cameras plus a wide range of lenses, lighting, grip and top quality sound equipment are scaled and used as appropriate.

  • CGI

    Motion Graphics and 3D modelling are important tools in telling complex stories. They are great for enhancing scenes that would otherwise be difficult to make exciting - or just difficult to make. CGI can be a wonderful addition to short corporate films through motions graphics or text. Animation can be often be the only way to demonstrate a feature.

  • Production

    With a background in teaching and hundreds of films and videos successfully completed, production lead Stuart is skilled in getting to the heart of the story to create narratives. Our films communicate in a way that connects with their audience, compelling but without fluff or padding. People watch, people listen - and they get it.

  • video equipment


    All work is filmed in HD or 4K as required. We use Sony large format cameras and have a huge range of lighting, camera grip, lenses and edit facilities. Our crew have worked with all the major formats and cameras on most of the continents with very short - and occasionally - sensible deadlines.

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We’re proud of what our clients say about us

  • “BorehamMedia always get the brief first time - they really understand the Miele brand and what we are trying to achieve.”

  • “Fantastic photography, no matter the subject. I would never hesitate to recommend them!”

  • Polyco logo

    “BorehamMedia totally understood our requirements and helped us achieve a stunning collection of images. We are very pleased with the project outcome.”

  • “From brief to realisation, BorehamMedia are always spot on. They understand our need, our culture and they add value. Delighted overall.”

  • “BorehamMedia have become a trusted working partner and I always look forward to working with them.”

0207 206 2792   :  01932 563318  :  email

Who we are

  • Stuart Boreham


    Stuart did 10 years teaching technology before starting the stills photography business in 1997 and moving video in 2005. A multi-skilled operator, he writes script, operates the camera and manages the crew on bigger projects. With 4 adult kids and a long suffering wife he is also a school governor and charity trustee.

  • Paul

    3D Artist

    Paul is an expert on 3D modelling and animation, his 3D and 2D computer graphics skills are truly remarkable as you will see on many of our projects. Whether adding a few titles to creating an entire city Paul delivers what we need to make those films zing and engage with your audience.

  • Aaron Whitchard


    Aaron is an incredibly hardworking operator with corporate and broadcast experience. He only has to be told once and is most regularly heard saying 'I've already done it'. He is an essential and reliable team member, even if he does support Southampton FC, He has wide experience across numerous countries.

  • Richard Jack



    Richard has a lifetime’s experience working in life TV, directing and producing primetime shows for all the UK broadcasters. He is a lover of tech with a mind for detail so manages our livestreams and multi-cam operations. He is on first name terms with celebrities we have all heard of, and that makes it all better.

  • Sasha

    Lighting DoP

    Sasha has 2 beautiful children and is currently directing his 4th beautiful movie. He is the most awarded guy on the team and has won many film competitions. He has also worked as a TV cameraman and film school lecturer and has a calm talent for bringing a different dimension to the work. Often seen telling Stuart to 'slow down'.

  • Brendon Hollands


    Brendon is our main offline editor and simplifier of complex projects. He is great with detail, continuity, data and content. He also manages one of England's most successful ladies volleyball teams, runs the league and is entirely responsible for some of the crew's embarrassing interest in watching rare birds

  • Matt


    Matt holds down the back office, edits, runs, drives, assists and tries to make sense of his fathers scrawled notes and mad ideas. He is great with image processing and runs edit projects from brief to completion. The youngest member of the team, Matt is surprisingly fond of Dad's Army.

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