Allianz Customer Testimony – ePublishing

Allianz Customer Testimony – ePublishing

Allianz is a huge pan-global insurance company. They have taken great strides towards presenting a more human face to their many clients and this film is about how they did it.

We are really proud of this video as it was shot in no more than 90minutes in Central London. Ok, the preparation and set up and the edit took much, much longer but it goes to show that a well practiced and professional team can achieve a great deal under pressure.

Mario, the interviewee was a very good speaker and came across on camera well. This is not always the case, but he had a relaxed natural style that makes it easy to relate to him.

Shot on FS700 and 5d3 with cinema lenses, using Diva Light lighting in a side room at the glorious Cafe Royal on Regents Street.

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