Corporate History – a Documentary

Corporate History – a Documentary

A long-form documentary to celebrate the Essilor spectacle company, using archive footage and new material filmed in Bristol and Paris.

We were really excited to have the opportunity to work on this major project and to meet and interview the veteran and remarkably sprightly founders of the company that has improved the lives of billions over the last 50 years with the vari-focal reading glasses they invented.

Due to a bomb scare or something like that Stuart had to drive overnight to the Paris office so there was an amount of stress involved. However everything went really well and the resulting well lit, two camera interviews looked great.

Filming also took place in Thornbury near Bristol and legacy assets were integrated into the film to add a historical dimension.

Editing was a mammoth task with so much material to assemble and co-ordinate but it did come together in good time. The final story makes a compelling history of this innovative company and the challenges it’s entrepreneurial founders have had to deal with over time.

It has not been easy for them to become such huge successes, a lesson for us all.

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