Video Advert for Essilor

Video Advert for Essilor

A film designed to sell a product offer to retailers and featuring live filming overlaid with Motion Graphic text. Delivered though an e-book format.

The marketing department of spectacle manufacturer Essilor approached us with the challenge to create a short film that would motivate their retail partners. It was a ‘50% off’ offer that had been very successful in slightly different form the previous year. We visited retailers who had been delighted with the results of the previous offer and were able to talk about the benefits it had brought them. We told a little bit of their local story and introduced some of the numbers that the increased sales had brought into their world.

Location filming brought variety and life to the project which was sent out to all UK optometrists in the form of an ebook.

Marketing director Jonathan Cohen said ” Always a pleasure to work with Stuart. From the brief, to the edit, through the realisation, Stuart and his team are always spot on. They understand our need very quickly , add value by suggesting tweaks which make the final product better, understand our brand identity and culture and also always work very efficiently.
Delighted overall “

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