Software and Paris Fashion

Software and Paris Fashion

Vente Privee is a huge French fashion retailer based in Paris. They have a very unusual sales model and extraordinary sales numbers.

Their software partner Adobe asked us to travel to Paris and create a film about how they use Adobe’s range of software to generate their millions of sales.

There was energy and excitement, a lot of clothes and the largest fashion photo studio in Paris all of which was great to film and exciting to watch. It is an extraordinary story and no doubt they continue to grow.

We shot the interview on day 1 whilst also undertaking other work related to an event that Adobe were hosting, and then on day 2 spent a very short time in the company’s head office and managed to grab some cool B-roll (story material) as everyone rushed around.

Website material was filmed in our office afterwards. Adobe have used this video on their YouTube channel as a sales primer and also linked it with written stories from the same interview.

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