Libraries in the Netherlands

Libraries in the Netherlands

Holland is truly a land in love with libraries – or Bibliotech as they call them. They have many – and they are beautiful. This is the story of how Adobe Marketing Cloud was used to build a web presence to delight the library members.

Filming the story material or ‘B-roll’ for this video was a delight. My first job (Stuart) was in Kent libraries in the 70’s but they were nothing like the sleek, high tech architecturally stunning visions we visited across the Netherlands for this video.

It was a complex story as the Bibliotech guys had really struggled to get the project to work and in addition, English was not their first language. We were really pleased with the way the story comes across with humour and integrity. They are clearly delighted with the results of their work and the partnership with the software supplier.

The interviews were filmed in the super stylish events cinema in Amsterdam and the B-roll created on the following days as we drove around the country gate crashing libraries. The central library in Amsterdam that features towards the end of the film is well worth a visit if you are in the area, and possible even if you are not.

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