Ethiopia – Charity Video

Ethiopia – Charity Video

APA is a powerful charity run by a friend of ours from Equippers Church church in Surrey. We sent one of our crew to Ethiopia to create a video story for them and this is the 2016 follow up.

APA works among very poor subsistence farmers in the southern Ethiopian lowlands. They farm the rich soil in bare feet and this lays them open to the disease Podoconiosis Рan infection commonly known as elephantitis. APA works to both treat, cure and prevent this life changing affliction.

Stuart traveled out with a small team from the charity and produced this update film. It was shot in a very lo-key fashion using a Sony A7s and a couple of lenses, and edited by Matt in the office. We turned this around within 2 days of Stuart’s return due to the deadline of a conference where the film needed to be shown.

The original film has resulted in a great response and much funding has been raised from the back of it. Lives are being dramatically changed.

PS Be warned that the images of the limbs affected by podoconiosis are reasonably graphic ūüôĀ

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