A Corporate Video that Brought In Work

A Corporate Video that Brought In Work

A short film about the work of diesel injector re-conditioner ‘AP Diesels’.

We made this film for a Surrey company that does very well out of re-building diesel engine injectors to exceedingly precise standards. This saves their customers large sums of money when their injectors need replacing. It is not an especially glamorous operation, (although some of us nerds do find it quite exciting 🙂 ) so the film needed special planning to be able to tell the story to prospects who might not be especially technical, and yet still hold their interest.

Much of it was filmed using a cine-style adapter and Nikon prime lenses to get the soft, cinematic look without enormous expense. It is quite a small factory and very busy so we filmed some of the material in the studio on a lovely timetable.

Vaughan, the company manager, said that the video had in fact been ‘too successful’ and he was struggling to cope with the wave of work that it had brought in!

This is what we like to hear 🙂

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