Construction Project with Timelapse

Construction Project with Timelapse

This film documents the installation of a bridge at Berewood, Waterlooville by the construction company Careys.

Due to the rather poor summer weather this film took a lot longer to make than intended but it was great seeing the project coming together during the summer. The construction was innovative so we used a combination of live interviews and footage along with multiple time-lapses to clearly show the techniques used to assemble this unusual and attractive bridge.

We also used POV (point of view) cameras in order to capture unusual views that raise the cinematic quality. Drone shooting was not possible due to the time constrains and the need to control a 50m exclusion zone beneath the drone for CAA UK rules.

Construction sites are hazardous environments and all our crew use appropriate PPE, the cameras are protected from the muck and we are fully insured. Our experience on numerous sites ensures a smooth and stress free operation for the client.

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