CGI Product Video

CGI Product Video

A live filmed and CGI composite that explains the benefits of a product widely used in the chemical industry.

After seeing the product and understanding its usage, we sat down and worked out a  storyboard for the film that had to be suitable for use without any audio at all. The video alone needed to tell the story of what the product is used for, what its USPs are and what the benefits to the user are.

The client was delighted with the storyboard and their USA headquarters gave the go ahead to move into production. We created a 3D model of the product and wire-framed it to move in a similar way to the live filming, which took place in a North London lab. We used our Fs700 and Cartoni jib to allow the camera to fly over the product and give the live filming a similar feel to the CGI, where the camera can be made to go anywhere or do anything.

Once the motion was synchronised, Paul our CGI artist created colour and texture on the bottle before rendering out the work and adding the keywords.

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