Award Winning Event Highlight reel

Award Winning Event Highlight reel

We were really pleased when this film won the I.O.V. Video of the Month!

One part of the wide range of jobs we do at the Adobe EMEA Summit each year, this was our best highlight video to date. Adobe gave us the freedom to plan and innovate a great story based around one person’s experience at the event. We used a ‘Snorricam’ to obtain the unique ‘face on’ point of view (PoV) footage that gives the video a compelling immediacy and takes the viewer into the world of the visitor.

Time-lapses and hyper-lapses added extra depth, as did some slow-motion in the party section. This film was largely filmed and edited in one 24 hour sleepless period before being shown for the first time on the second day of the event.

We made a number of versions for conference and web use of varying lengths. Our BTS (‘behind the scenes’) film of the event can be seen here:

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